Fernanda Fedi is a visual artist based in Milan, Italy.

Born in 1940, she exhibited her artwork since 1968.

Fernanda Fedi completed her artistic studies in Milan and Bologna where she obtained a degree from DAMS university specializing in Museology, Museography and Art Therapy.

In the ’70s, alongside her personal artistic activity, she got involved in the many social issues of the time and she became an active participant of collectives and artists’ groups and movements, taking part in numerous interventions on the surrounding environment.

Her graduation study ‘Collectives and artists’ groups in Milan. Ideologies and waves 1968-1985’ will be published by Endas in —–(which year?) which presents an important and significative testimony of this particular time in history  and its issues from an insider point of view.

She was present in panel talks about Women, art and society in 1978 at Formentini-Brera in Milan.

She curated the conference ’12-2000- Woman Art’ at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan in 1988.

Subsequently, she became passionate about dealing with creativity and therapy in social centres and associations aimed at people with disabilities and Down Syndrome.

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