The idea of absence

The idea of absence|

‘Today man is completely occupied by the outside and to him the inside is dead. This is the last step of the descent, the last step in the dead end – places of this kind were once called abysses, today the modest expression of “dead end” is enough. Modern man seeks inner peace because he is deafened from the outside and he believes he finds this peace in inner silence.’ Kandinsky

The space and the mystery that surrounds it returns to be the main thought of this period which is projected towards the search for a ‘nothing’, ‘nothing’ also understood as an absolute ‘whole’… White is not white, but made up of many subtle signs, dots and lines that help fill the void… Tautological words such as space, space, light are often inserted in the works, to which is added a fragment, a fragment of some ‘entity’ whose provenance we do not know.



A small number of pieces from this period is still available to purchase directly from the artist. Please enquire within to discuss your preferences and needs.

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